Import Divi Layouts in 2 Easy Steps

by | Mar 2 | Tutorials

This is the best way to import a divi layout to your website.

When you export a Divi Layout or Divi Library item, it can then be shared and used on any Divi website. Everything, including images, custom CSS and Advanced Design Settings are contained in a single JSON file. When you import the file to a new website, your uploaded Divi Layouts will be ready to use!

Step 1: Divi > Divi Library 

Make sure you go into the settings of the Divi Library instead of importing directly through the page or visual builder. I export all my files on my shop through the backend.

Divi has a bug – if you export a file, you must import it the same way or else you get an error. For example, if you export a layout through the visual builder. You must import that file through the visual builder or else you get an error. 😐 

The best way to bypass that bug is if you manually import through the Divi Library. 

Step 2: Import > Select .JSON file 

Go ahead and select your file. Wait for it to upload & you’re good to go! 😀 

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