Hair by Ashara

by Jul 3, 2018

Hair By Ashara is currently located at Hoshall’s Salon & Spa in Folsom, CA. She is an independent hair stylist & is happy to take on new clients!

Hair by Ashara

Follow her brand Hair by Ashara on instagram: @hairbyashara

Why I love what I do

Projects like these make my heart smile 🙂

I have a soft spot in my heart for creative entrepreneurs, for freelancers & artists trying to grow their career and achieve their goals. Because I can soo, sooo relate. So when Ashara reached out to me to work on her brand (Hair by Ashara), I met her at a local coffee shop 3 days after we texted because I was just so excited to discuss the details.

The Creative’s Struggle

At the coffee shop, we discussed her business goals, what she wanted her brand (Hair by Ashara) to represent & how she hoped to achieve it. It was all instagram-related, so I gave her some ideas on how to build her brand. She let me know that her biggest struggle was consistency on her posts, and finding her style. At this point she was preaching to the choir, cus I was like OMG. I’ve been doing this shit for 6 years & I don’t even know what my style is.” She already knew she wanted her own original content so I was happy to hear she wanted to do a photoshoot along with her branding.

Hair By Ashara

Concept Art

Ashara already had an idea for her branding, all I did was bring my design skills to refine it. She talked about using an “A” in her logo with a line of text that said “Hair by Ashara”.

Hair by Ashara
Hair by Ashara

Hair by Ashara. I use my iPad Pro & Apple Pencil for sketching ideas out, so while she was talking, I was roughly sketching it out. I love to use the Paper App by 53 for projects like this!


After picking her brain, I went on Illustrator to give these sketches life. She ended up choosing the one on the bottom because the “A” was strong & loved that I incorporated her original idea of having her text go through the letter of her brand (Hair by Ashara).

Business Cards

Ordering from was a breeze. I love using Moo, they’re customer service is amazing & the quality is superb.

Photoshoot 1:
The Beauty Parlor

We had two sessions at the Salon she works at. The purpose for the two shoots was to to get different types of shots. The first one was directly for her style, her self and shots of the products at the salon. This was to solve the problem of her struggling to find a cohesive look. I wanted to give her the original content she wanted so she could grow her business & get the look she wanted.

Photoshoot 2:
Behind the Scenes

Her second session was dedicated to her technique. I wanted to give her some “action shots” of her at work! So the second time I went over, I sat in the chair next to her & just pointed my camera & pressed the shutter every time she did something different.

Thank you for reading!

I love what I do but I love sharing my experiences with you more! 🙂

Please leave a comment below, let me know what you think, what you could have done differently or links to your portfolios (if you have one, I’d love to see some inspiration).

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