Wedding Planning Institute

by Jan 28, 2019

When I was hired at LWPI, I was hired basically to clean up their website. Their original website was made using Adobe MUSE causing the company to have issues in their SEO & online marketing. The biggest issue with this site at the time was that it wasn’t responsive.

Before the Redesign

First Steps

LWPI Home Page
LWPI Course Page

To begin, my role was to organize the websites, content and images. Even though they had different sites, they included a Google Analytics tracking code for each one. Using the data that Google provided, I analyzed it & was able to design their site to what it is now. Referring to the data, I was able to determine what their keywords were, who their prospective students were & what location people were googling from to decide, whether or not, it was worth it to reach out to colleges, in that area, to market their courses too.

My Approach

I designed their website using WordPress and developed a child theme based on a parent theme called Divi. I decided that using WordPress was the right decision to make because it could easily condense all of their microsites into one giant website – & that’s what WordPress is made for!

Content Strategy

To clean up their mess, I concluded that the best way to approach this project was to look at all of their websites, asses the information and brainstorm the best way to categorize everything so that it’s all cohesive and on one website instead of spread out all over the internet.

Content Strategy

To make the content easy to manage,  I installed the event calendar plug-in & WooCommerce, and I made sure to make the content as organized and as easy to read as possible.

WooCommerce User Flow

After the site was categorized and organized, I began on the user flow for the shopping cart. Since they wanted college registrations & online enrollments more than anything, it was crucial that each step the users took was planned out accordingly when they navigated the site.



I chose to use Proxima Nova as the heading font and Calluna for the body text. It’s hard to mix Serif & Sans-serif fonts, but I applaud myself in the match because I feel like those two fonts complement each other really well. I also worked with two amazingly talented local wedding photographers for the images of the site. No more cliche stock images ~yay~! I chose to do that because I wanted the images to feel authentic so that our users would relate to the site more.

Color Palette

The overall color palette of the site are shades of pink. Not because it’s girly but because according to the Google Analytics data 83% of their demographic, were women between the ages of 18 and 24 (who wanted to become wedding planners), however, the other 17% were men. I chose the palette carefully, to make sure that I was using a pink that was appealing to both genders.


The project took about 8 months to complete because it was a lot of content that I had to get organized by myself & there was a lot of customizations made to the child theme, WooCommerce & The Event Calendar plug-ins.

When the new website launched, we noticed a huge decrease in drop rates, load times & an increase in sales.

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